It’s never too late to start something new.

That’s been my motto throughout life. My biggest change was leaving behind my commercial and art photography business of 15 years to sail the Caribbean on a 35 foot sailboat.


When I finally settled ashore on St. John in the U. S. Virgin Islands, I started up my photography business again and added design to the list of my credentials. I continued with my art photography as well, exhibiting  with the St. John Artists’ Association and the Best of Both Worlds gallery.


I think the greatest benefit of living on that small Caribbean island was working so closely with my new clients - small businesses and local artists, not like the corporate clients I had once before. And of course, the beauty of the island intensified my love of color and simplicity.




Jump ahead to today, and I am once again starting something new. I  returned to Florida twelve years ago with my new husband and purchased a swamp shack to renovate. Now that we are happy with our home, the muse has once again called me to create.


This time I am focusing on book design.  I have the experience and skills to create books and eBooks that reflect the author’s vision. My primary desire is to work with up and coming authors who would otherwise become overwhelmed with the designing and publishing of their books. We all have different talents. It’s crazy to think an author would want to burden themselves with the complicated task of publishing. Writing is their skill, designing is mine. It is also my joy!



I am looking for authors who wish to share their desire to make themselves stand out in this ever busy and confusing world.



 Let’s get started on making your dream come true.

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