Book design holds a very special place in my heart. All authors deserve my fresh approach and attention to details. I make their voices visible and their books dynamic.

     "Once again Pam saw my vision for this whimsical picture book. Hand in hand, or should I say phone to phone, we brainstormed this book with my unreasonable deadline. She rose to the challenge, gently guiding my decisions and giving me more attention than any author could ask for. She is my wonder!"

      "My books are a total art product for me, from the cover to the interior design, font, photo colleges, and layout. Pam gets it. She takes the images in my mind and turns them into a reality for my books. She is easy to work with, her vision refines my own, and her attention to detail, whether paperback or e-book, is amazing.  Pam takes the time to understand your book and her work reflects the best of your story. As an author, I can’t ask for anything better."


     "I never thought I'd live to see the day when my first book got published. At 85 I needed a designer that believed in me. Pam was that special person who  helped make my dream come true. Now I have three books designed and published with Pam's help, and a fourth is on the way!"


      "I think I'm the one who told her years ago it's never too late to start something new."

       "This book was a journey of love for my sister and myself. Perhaps Tomorrow was written by our mother in the late fifties. After her death, we tried to find a way to publish her novel.  No one would tackle the job of working with a 450 page typed manuscript, until we met Pam.

        Through her expertise and patience, Pam captured our mother’s vision. We were thrilled with the care and creativity that went into the design of the book and the finished product is a dream come true."



Annamarie Malon & Roberta Wachowicz

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